Somewhere In The Caribbean... Tremors

I hate how the Haiti earthquake is so overhyped right now. In school, everyone talks about it and teachers somehow make opportunities to mention it every three minutes. On Facebook, an app and about a million groups have spontaneously appeared, promising to make dubious donations of varying amounts of varying currencies to the Haiti relief effort. In real life, the aftermath of the disaster dominates the newspapers, the televised news, and pretty much any media you can think of. I wouldn't be surprised if an upcoming documentary movie was announced titled "Haiti: Eye of the Storm" and its tie-in video game and toys.

We all know Haiti happened. People died. Those who didn't, lost everything in their lives. Horrific photos have been circulated around the world. But do we, the relative upper class, really feel sympathy for these people? When we read the newspaper and see the death tolls, we don't wonder about the personal hell each of the disaster-struck people must be going through. We have not experienced the doomed feeling you have when you are trapped under meters of rubble, slowly losing blood, asphyxiating to death in the darkness. We comprehend these matters with a detached fascination. We cannot emotionally connect, because we don't know those who are really affected by the earthquake. Such is one of the many intrinsic flaws of humanity.

So stop pretending you do. Those Facebook groups claiming to donate to the relief effort for every member who joins are bullshit. They are scams to get more members, preying on the tendency to 'donate' to ease your guilt for being the lucky elite that have never experienced the harsh life that the Haitians are now going through. Stop mentioning the Haiti earthquake in daily conversation, because it won't change anything. The masquerade of public concern is just that - a masquerade.

If you really care about Haiti, take a plane there and work in the relief effort yourself. But know that if you have the money to buy a computer to read this post, you probably don't. I know that's true for me, and I am not afraid to admit it.


Dev Titlo

Some background on the new song available for download in my sidebar, "Untitled-1". It was done in collaboration with a fine fellow called Isaac for a digital music course (although it's true I did all the work). He provided the voice that says "YYEEEESSSSS" at the end of the song. Originally, when we intended to make some rock music mixed with electronics, we didn't see how dark the melody would be. Eventually, we just said "Screw this," and piled as many layers of evil-sounding sound onto the composition as we could. When it came time to name it, we just kind of copped out. That's how Untitled-1 came to be.

Which Can Eternal Lie

The acclaimed writer and impossibly cool person H.P. Lovecraft once wrote:

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons, even death may die.

It looks like he was right, because I am once again forced to revive this blog from its fallen grave. Once again, my school considers writing acres and acres of drivel and posting it online for everyone to see to be a highly academic endeavor. Hence this.

I'll kick things off with a list of things that have changed. Because of intervention from my teacher, the template of this site has been completely overhauled. I've edited what once used to be the "Welcome, traveller" introductory box slightly, and added another composition of mine to the Downloads box. Finally, the name of the blog has been changed to nTwilight, because of that darned horrible movie appearing out of nowhere in the middle of last year and dashing whatever readership I had to the four winds. Also, it sounds cooler.

I suppose I'll have to welcome you to my new and completely refreshed blog for 2010. So... welcome. More awesomeness will come soon.