Dear Diary.

The coming winter's cold. Pretty cold, I should say. Not nearly enough for it to snow like last year, but cold all the same.

The morning reports went like any other day. Still no leads on the Buford case. There's some minor dispute over a fence. As far as I can tell, it's just the Merriweathers acting up again. Some drunk lost a dollar. Too bad for him.

One of the niggers on the other side of town got all riled up about Tom Robinson, broke his master's cup. I felt kind of sorry for him, so I gave him a day's jail and a talking to. The master's still mad as heck, of course, but the nigger gets it. He knows we're both in the same boat.

Thinking about Tom always gets me down. Atticus got the case bang to rights. He'd damn near proven to God he was innocent, but the jury killed him anyway. Sometimes it's like there's no justice in this town. It's like Atticus, Link, Maudie and me, we're the only people who think things straight. Nobody else.

I'm thinking back to Atticus on the night before last. The verdict got to him pretty bad. The look in his eyes, it put fear in me.

Niggers. Negroes, coloured men, whatever you call them, they're people too. I can see a cook through the window as I'm writing this, and I'm thinking-- The only difference between yonder cook and me is his skin's a different color. He's got a wife, children, a job, memories, feelings. He's got a human life.

Why doesn't anyone else see that?

I'm going all deep and philosophical again. Best I stop writing till tomorrow.

November 2, 1937

For an assignment.

In Memoriam

For an assignment.

MI Learning Profile

This circular monstrosity of a rainbow-colored diagram that looks more like a candy than a chart is my Multiple Intelligences Learning Profile, according to the theories of a web page I was directed to by my teacher. I'm supposed to write a spiel of no less than one hundred words about the implications of the results.

First of all, my intrapersonal intelligence appears to be the highest out of all the scores, a completely unsurprising result. It outpaces by quite a distance the visual and linguistic intelligences, which are my second and third highest. After this comes the musical, kinaesthetic and naturalistic intelligences, then the interpersonal, and from the last result it is clear that I can't calculate numbers worth a damn. This chart, then, is mostly correct.

Strange. I thought I would score higher on the visual and linguistic. In hindsight, the reason is probably that visual and linguistic intelligences are much more publicly expressed than the intrapersonal. You don't think about thinking about yourself. But for the most part, all this chart is doing is telling me what I already knew. Gee, guess what? I'm good at languages! Amazing deduction, Holmes. Next you'll be telling me I don't draw half bad!