You may notice that orange is appearing more often nowadays. Maybe it's just me or this particular region, but it can't just be coincidence that EC House recently revamped its appearance to orange, Velocity Sports Mall opened with a certain color theme for its logo and signs, Comics Connection just opened a new outlet which is orange, Action City... yeah. Even supermarket Giant is now using an orange theme. (remind me to go there more often)
Why orange? If you take a moment to analyze the color, you find that it's a relatively newly used color (most older brands use easy-to-print colors such as red, blue, white, etc). I suspect this is because orange materials were difficult to find previously, but now that plastic and color printers have surfaced, orange has become more widespread.
Also, orange is a relatively bright color and hits the viewer with an energetic punchy feeling. Orange is probably also used to symbolize youth and action, and thus to appeal to young adults and teenagers. If we take EC House's example, its new color scheme is orange, white and black, a highly contrasting yet elegant combination and really conveys professionalism.
This is why orange is so prolific recently. Not a bad thing either, as it just happens to be my favorite color. Neat, huh?

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