Anthropological Confusion

Here's the thing: if one day, you met a robot who could think, speak, feel and love... is it a man?

Should it have human rights? Or should it be treated like a super-advanced toaster?

Some would say, yes, it has human rights. Under the surface, it may just be a collection of electronics, but it behaves exactly the same way as a real human would in that situation. In fact, we're no different from highly advanced, biological robots.

Some would argue, no, it's just a machine. We organics have something special inside, a soul, that makes us different from anything we could possibly fabricate. Any machine, even a supercomputer or artificial intelligence, is lower than the tiniest bacterium because it doesn't have a heart.

What do you think?


xxadventsinxx said...



Yeah, give human rights to the robot.

HolyDemon_Snapdragon said...

Human rights should be given because they're a lot like us, but because we can not necessarily yet fabricate or come close to fabricating that which is the soul and the complexity of the human mind that is capable of so many different forms of kinesis, it might not necessarily be considered an actual human, just a humanoid. Nonetheless, it should have rights.

The Thinker said...

I agree with both. However, note that these robots cannot be ordered to do jobs for us or be machines for our labour because they are also equal. Thus, there would be no point creating these robots with the objective of creating a world where humans do not have to work because these robots cannot be sold or used for ourselves.

chinkeeyong said...

Good point. Hence, I believe authorities should institute a system of law where different classes of sentience in robots will be granted different rights; for example, a robot which cannot self-upgrade and has only one set of simple instructions (i.e. a factory arm) does not have rights, whereas one on par with Data from Star Trek would essentially have human rights.

Anonymous said...

All should be treated fairly. So give robots that are like us human rights!